Website Design

Our website design service offers quality websites at a reasonable cost. Utilizing a couple of different software products, we can custom build a website to match your needs. We can add a page for e-commerce utilizing PayPal as well as adding a secure log in page (additional fees may apply for these services). Here is a list of some websites we have built that you can view to see if our style fits your needs:

All of our websites start with a template design and can be customized to build your website. The look and feel of your website will be determined by the template we start with and then we build from there to match your needs. We can add your logo, pictures, documents and custom text through out the website. With pictures, we can create a slideshow and we can add video's to the website as well. SEO information is added on the back end to help search engines (and ultimatly your customers) find you with ease.

Website pricing

We have found that an average basic website contains 4 to 7 “Pages” but can have many more. Examples of some web pages are:

  • Home or Welcome Page
  • About Us Page
  • Contact Page
  • Links Page
  • Services Page
  • Photo Gallery Page

Our base price to create a website up to 5 pages is $750.00 and $25.00 per page after 5 pages based on your needs. The price is for building the website only. In addition to our base price, there is a $150.00 per year website maintenance fee (after the first year) + any domain annual cost (if not purchased by you) and you can request minor updates anytime throughout the year. In addition, there will be a yearly fee from the web hosting company and can range from about $150.00 and up based on services you may need. If major changes are needed, additional fees will be discussed and agreed upon prior to changes being made. Feel free to contact us to discuss your website design needs. We are happy to answer your questions.

Here is a break down an average website cost for the first year:

  • Build website with 5 pages - $750.00
  • Domain Name approximately $20.00 + or - (varies by provider and options)
  • Web Hosting by a third party provider (based on software and options used to build website) - approximately $150.00 and Up

As you can see, we can have you online for around $1000.00 to help promote your small business, club or organization. Feel free to contact us for more information or to get started with a website for you.

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